About us

My name is Kathleen and my email

I have been involved -on and off- in the florist industry for upwards of 20 years

working mostly in Melbourne...

but also managed a florist shop in  Broome W.A, where I also was interested in

Art, creating an entry in the BROOME FESTIVAL

and winning the "Peoples Choice".....


In the late 90's, IN VICTORIA I was also awarded the


Communication is the key
in YOU being satisfied with the bouquets
I create for you.

Please feel free to express your likes and dislikes,
whether colour, shape, density of flowers, etc.

In this pic, this is the bouquet that I did for myself at my wedding, its only natural since I live at the Dandenongs that I used some aussie natives...gum leaves, nuts and silvan red with more taditional OPEN roses +