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  • Wotbot  - independent search engine currently in development in the UK.

  • !Web Search - search engine combining third party results with pay-per-click listings. Also offers a webmaster affiliate program.

  • 123World.com - directory includes links to airlines, airports, seaports, chambers of commerce, companies, United States, countries, publications, and international organizations.

  • 212.net - an eclectic directory of sites.

  • 411.com - offers various searches for number of concepts.

  • All Sites Directory was developed in 2003 to provide a easy solution for web surfer's needs. The Database of websites at the all Sites Directory contains some of the most useful sites in our collection of categories for the most popular web searches.

  • AardvarkTravel.net - worldwide travel search engine and directory with links to tourist information, flights, cruises, tours, hotels, and other accommodation.

  • ABC Search Engine - directory, offers news, chat, and email.

  • About.com - extensive network of sites by subject specialists who write articles, host discussions, publish free email newsletters and provide personally-reviewed links for each topic.

  • Abrexa UK - family friendly UK search engine providing site reviews, age ratings, and spam warnings.

  • Aeiwi - indexes sites according groupings of keywords.

  • Alexa - offers a web search and browser toolbar that learns from users and provides them with context sensitive information about sites.

  • All Academic - provides free academic searches of the internet. Authors can index academic work as well.

  • Allestra - offering a variety of links organized into targeted categories.

  • allsearchengines.com - lists the major search engines and directories.

  • AllTheWeb

  • AltaVista - portal featuring web and newsgroup search engine as well as paid submission services.

  • Big US Search Engine - offers pay-per-click search results with donations to fight child abuse with every deposit.

  • Blackworld - gateway to Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Europe, the Far East, the Caribbean and African America.

  • BlooGloo - provides pay per click advertising in search engine and directory results.

  • Blue Collar Internet Guide - includes news and sports as well as a directory of sites.

  • BoardReader - search message board information on the web.

  • Boxmind - online library that categorizes a wide variety of subjects and subject areas, offering carefully reviewed and edited links to external sites.

  • BrainFox Media Services - search engine which combines an existing directory with paid listings through their pay-per-click program.

  • BUBL Information Service - subject trees arranged alphabetically and by UDC.

  • Business Center - directory offers information for businesses and business travelers.

  • Buzzle.com - offers links, message boards, jokes, stories, and free email. Subjects include sports, arts, finance, family, computers, shopping, entertainment, and more.

  • Care2 - environmental portal full of healthy living tips, eco-directory, click-to-donate sites, e-cards, and more. Generates donations for top environmental nonprofits.

  • CategoryWeb - offers offers wholesale search results with a search engine which combines the DMOZ directory with paid listings.

  • Cheats.com - directory of business, shopping, and recreation sites.

  • Clever Project - publications and ongoing work at IBM Almaden Research Center to develop algorithms and systems for solving the problem of information overload.

  • Clickey - keyword based search engine of registered domain names.

  • Clickforchoice - offers a web directory and keyword searches.

  • Clickla - search engine serving both pay-per-click and spidered search results.

  • CMN.com - directory offers free submission, shopping, news, and supplemented metasearch.

  • CompInfo - reference site and search engine for computers, software, and business.

  • CompletePlanet - directory of search engines and searchable online databases.

  • CosmicClick - provides pay-per-click and spidered search results.

  • Cyber Web Search - directory and search engine offering postcards, games, classified ads, email, and more.

  • weblogs on the Net every day.

  • Deltis

  • Digital Librarian - a librarian's choice of the best of the Web.

  • EDQ Phone Number Lookup - Try our free phone number lookup tool to validate your
    phone data in real-time using Experian Data Quality's phone verification software. 
  • EgoSurf - search tool finds web pages that include your name, or any name you provide.

  • Electric Monk - allows users to perform natural language web searches in plain English.

  • EncycloZine - hybrid portal/encyclopedia.

  • ePilot

  • Espotting.com - European search engine where advertisers can bid to be listed higher on search results and have their company logo appear as well.

  • Essential Links - quick links to popular Web resources.

  • ExactSeek.com - featuring free standard and enhanced site listings.

  • Excite - provides search, news, email, personals, portfolio tracking, and other services.

  • Family Safe Startup-Page - family-oriented directory. Includes links for homeschooling and homework help.

  • send a postcard to a friend.

  • Finally - serves pay per click and spidered search results.

  • FindWhat.com - provides a real-time system for advertisers to pay for positions in results rankings.

  • Flipper.com - features the grouping of Deep Web search results.

  • Freegle - search engine technology for Freenet.

  • Galaxy - searchable directory of manually edited listings.

  • Geekin! - a web directory presented in graphical form as an Internet desktop.

  • GenDoor - search engine dedicated solely to genealogy.

  • GeoIndex - search tool for geo-environmental professionals.

  • GeoURL ICBM Address Server - location-to-URL reverse directory that allows users to find web sites by their proximity to a given physical location.

  • Get Favorites - U.S. and UK directory of reviewed web sites covering topics including recipes, shopping, careers, weather, news, and more.

  • Gimpsy - web site directory organized by activity the user desires sites about.

  • Global Windows - offers links to a variety of subjects including business, entertainment and recreation, health, and more.

  • Globe Alive - search engine listing live experts and conversationalists standing by to chat with you and answer your questions.

  • goClick.com - pay-per-click search engine.

  • Google (45)

  • GOpile - pay-per-click search engine.

  • GroupWeb Directories - features an Internet guide by industry.

  • Guidebeam - returns search results grouped into browsable, related topics.

  • Help Resource - lists useful and informative resources.

  • Heurιka - search engine for the Hungarian Webspace.

  • Hot Sheet - carries links to news, shopping, entertainment, and more.

  • HotBot - search engine that offers custom filters, skins, and access various other engines.

  • HoundDog.com - search engine and directory with keyword bidding and affiliate programs.

  • I Am Bored - offers a list of sites with user ratings to visit when feeling bored.

  • ibiblio - Internet library and digital archive containing links to online collections.

  • iLOR - offers different ways for the user to interact with search results derived from Google.

  • ImproveMySearch.com - meta-search engine ranks results according to popularity.

  • InfoGrid - features indexed guide of the web.

  • InfoTiger Search Engine

  • Insider.com - directory of useful sites.

  • Internet Public Library - Reference Center

  • InvisibleWeb - directory of databases, archives, and search engines.

  • IQSeek.com - search engine allowing sites to bid for placement under specific search terms.

  • Irena - Web Connections Finder - glean from a target page of this Web server all relevant hypertext links and their annotations. Irena is especially useful for locating links to resources referenced in long, complex and densly written HTML documents.

  • itList - keep your favorite sites and email addresses on the Web.

  • Jayde Online Directory

  • Job Help from Answers.com

  • Jump City - The online version of the book,"What's on the Web", published by Internet Media and available in bookstores nationwide.

  • Kanoodle.com - bid-for-location search engine with a focus on music. Also offers email, chat, a Love & Advice section, and more.

  • Kanoogle.com - offers a searchable directory of web sites with personalization available.

  • KartOO - presents results and related links in a graphical map based format.

  • KaZaZZ - includes search, news, tools, personalized lifestyle profiles, comedy, movie and book reviews, articles of interest, and thought provoking questions of the day.

  • keyword.com

  • KoolPages Search Engine

  • Lasoo - searches business and web sites and returns results with a map for a limited geographic area selected by the user.

  • Last Chance List - a large list of com sites generated by a worm.

  • Lerra.com - search engine directory that organizes Internet content into targeted categories.

  • Librarians' Index to the Internet - librarian selected and annotated index to the Internet, updated weekly.

  • Library Card, The - lists links in the areas of entertainment, home and garden, libraries, government, health, schools, and more.

  • LinkMaster

  • Linkopedia - seeks to take the work out of surfing by providing "best of" links.

  • Links2Go - topical directory compiled using proprietary automated technology.

  • Linksgiving.com - searchable collection of user-submitted favourite links. Visitors may vote for topics to get submissions.

  • LookSmart is an online advertising and technology company that provides premium and performance advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers.

  • LuXPoint - internet directory and search for Luxembourg.

  • Lycos - online destination site combining elements of navigation, community, and commerce.

  • MonsterSeek - bid-for-placement search engine with an affiliate program available.

  • MOSHIx2 - Japanese and English search engine. Also has a browsable directory of sites.

  • MSN Internet Search

  • MySearchOwl.com - general search engine offering bid for placement along with free games, horoscopes, news, and more.

  • MySearchSite.net - offers search categories and Internet search.

  • NationalDirectory

  • Nebraska Electronic Library - searchable directory created and maintained by the Nebraska Library Commission.

  • NetQuantum - searchable categorized index.

  • Netscape Search - combines results from the Netcenter, Open Directory, and the Web.

  • Netword - a word or short phrase that provides free access to an Internet destination. People & companies are creating Networds so you can find their information easily.

  • New Atlantis - offers sub-directories organized by subject.

  • News Bcc.com - Domestic and International NEWS

  • Northern Light - customize search folders for integrated web and article searching.

  • Official Site Register - directory of official sites.

  • Oingo - offering a meaning-based search service.

  • OneKey - a child-safe search engine.

  • Onesite.info - classifies sites by subject.

  • OneWorld - database of web sites in English and Spanish. Topics include education, music, sports, Latin American studies, and more.

  • OpenFind - search utilizing the PolyRank technique that aims to provide more flexible and optimized rankings.

  • OpenHere

  • Overture (Nasdaq:OVER) - provider of pay-for-performance search results to web sites across the Internet.

  • Oyeme! - Latino portal.

  • Pay Per Click Analyst - offers reviews of pay per click search engines.

  • Peak Directory.....  We have scoured the internet from the bottom to the top and forged this Peak Directory to help guide you through all your web searches.

  • Peekaboo - business directory and a travel guide. Includes city and town info.

  • Peepo - icon-based directory of web sites that aims to make it easier for people with learning difficulties to enjoy the web.

  • PepeSearch - features the option to search using a variety of languages and a browsable Internet directory.

  • PepeSearch UK - offers commercial web listings, news, and shopping.

  • Poke! - search assistant that uses javascript and frames. It is always with you, an alt + tab away.

  • PolyBot.com - offers a searchable and browsable directory with a clean interface and a featured sites sidebar.

  • QAZ.com - UK directory.

  • Re: QUEST dot Net - library of internet resources for student and professionals.

  • Resource Discovery Network - dedicated to providing effective access to high quality Internet resources for the learning, teaching, and research community.

  • ReverseDirectory.net - collection of links to phone number and people locators, maps, and other resources.

  • RoPile - offers a pay per click search engine with an affiliate program available.

  • Scoop Cybersleuth's Internet Guide - links categorized by subject.

  • Scrub The Web - includes searching, user submissions, and a meta tag analyzer.

  • Search Adobe PDF Online - search engine for PDF documents that allows you to view the summaries before viewing the actual documents.

  • Search Engine Dictionary - aims to establish a standard for search engine terminology by creating an authorative glossary of search engine terms.

  • Search Engines Internet - offers search results from two different search engines.

  • Search Hippo - offers free keyword listings and an open HTTP XML API.

  • Search King - engine that relies on web surfing for quality searching results. Searchers vote on sites, assuring relevant internet results.

  • Search-Ink.com - pay per click search engine offering search, free and paid email, low cost advertising, games, chat, arts and crafts, and more.

  • SearchGalore.com - pay-per-click search engine and directory.

  • searchinfo - search for information including consumer goods, insurance, and more.

  • SearchIt.com - pay per click engine.

  • SearchLynx Web Guide - contains reviews for each site listed, offers users a look at what's new and what's cool.

  • SearchUP.com - categorized Internet directory.

  • SightQuest.com - offers a directory of links for shopping, health, business, affiliate programs, and more.

  • Singingfish - multimedia search engine for audio and video files. Also licenses streaming media and multimedia search services.

  • Sitexplorer - in English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

  • Smarter.com - provides both algorithmic and editorial search results organized by user intent for popular queries.

  • SmartLinks.org - easy access to categorized search engines, directories, and a select collection of web sites.

  • SolveYourProblem.com - targeted to assist individuals in locating solutions to a problem, alleviating a hardship, or improving general well being.

  • Spider's Apprentice, The - a public service site that offers help on searching the Web. We also analyze and rate the major search engines.

  • Spire Project, The - interlinked collection of search blueprints work with articles, links, forms, and guidance.

  • SplatSearch.com

  • Square 1 - provides a pay per click search engine and affiliate program.

  • StartFree.com - directory.

  • SunSteam - search and directory.

  • Surf Point - LinkExchange member directory.

  • SurfSafely.com - offers family-friendly search, using a web directory open only to PICS rated sites, enabling content selection using parental controls.

  • Surfy! - internet access, search, email, downloads, and more.

  • Teoma - compares links of sites that are subject relevant.

  • TheIndex - for locating commercial, professional, technical, and academic information, products, and services.

  • TheLinks - includes major search engines, plus 800 numbers, zip codes, usp, yellow pages and medical databases.

  • TheYellowPages.com

  • ThisIsOurYear.com - searchable website directory and webmaster tools.

  • Thunderstone - an index of sites, not pages.

  • Top50.to - features top list web directory, affiliate network, member community, website promotion, and more.

  • Top9.com - sites in each topical category are ranked by popularity.

  • TotalSeek - categorized directory of web sites.

  • TrueSearch.com

  • Turbo10 - uses a search-o-meter tool to browse through the results. Searchers can also cluster results into topics and sort by relevance, speed, and source.

  • TurboFind.com - offers a directory of popular categories and search engine for the Web.

  • Virtual Voodoo - includes technical advice and reviews.

  • Visca Online - selected sites on everything from entertainment to business with quick links for common search terms.

  • Voila - search the web or browse through categories.

  • WebbieWorld - features an engine that searches partial search phrases and a ranked directory of sites.

  • WebCrawler

  • WebExhibits - illustrated educational exhibits, with brief summaries, ratings, and reviews.

  • WebLens - offers sections for classic and specialized searches, search tutorials, knowledge networking, and more.

  • Webocracy Internetwork - media think tank committed to furthering the views of a liberal, thinking society through a polemical approach to established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas.

  • Webpilots, The - features tours of the Web with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

  • Webtaxi - provides a single interface for both parallel and nonparallel methods of searching multiple sites.

  • What Can You Do On The World Wide Web? - listing of sites answering the title question.

  • What-U-Seek - uses Chubba to search the Web

  • Whoisman.net - family friendly search and directory.

  • WiseNut - employs a context-sensitive ranking algorithm to return search results by degrees of relevance.

  • World Portal - includes directory and services.....A Looksmart engine

  • WorldWebDex - lists and advertises commercial web sites alphabetically according to category.

  • WWW Virtual Library - catalog of the web run by a confederation of volunteers.

  • WZ.com Inc. - offering a reviewed sites directory including newsletters focused on hobbies, leisure, business, and online recreation.

  • Xoing - search engine offering free games, email, websites, and more.

  • Xoron Search - uses a community of paid infomediaries to give you search results.

  • Yahoo!

  • Yep - surf engine based on quality and popularity.

  • Yourwebspace.com - free email, chat, games, search, online auctions, news, geeks areas, and more.

  • Zappo.com - offers consumer and information based web directory.

  • Zeal.com - user-contributed and maintained web directory with ratings and reviews. A Looksmart service.

  • ZenSearch - includes a Web search, email, and discussion forums.

  • Zenzibar.com - index of alternative culture sites. Topics include the arts, business, health, lifestyle, politics, religion and science.

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Research Beyond Google: 119 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources

Got a research paper or thesis to write? Want to research using the Internet? Good luck. There's a lot of junk out there — outdated pages, broken links, and inaccurate information. Using Google or the Wikipedia may lead you to some results, but you can rarely be sure of accuracy. And what's more, you'll only be searching a fraction of all of the resources available to you.

Google, the largest search database on the planet, currently has around eight billion web pages indexed. That's a lot of information. But it's nothing compared to what else is out there. Google can only index the visible web, or searchable web. But the invisible web, or deep web, is estimated to be 500 times bigger than the searchable web. The invisible web comprises databases and results of specialty search engines that the popular search engines simply are not able to index.

Do you think your local or university librarian uses Google? Sure, but certainly not exclusively. In order to start researching like a librarian, you'll need to explore more authoritative resources, many of which are invisible. Note: Although some of the following resources are visible and indexed, they have all been included here because of their authoritative nature.

$ = Available only by subscription.

Deep Web Search Engines

To get started, try using a search engine that specializes in scouring the invisible web for results. None of these can search the entire invisible web, but they make some inroads that Google has not as of yet.

  1. Clusty — A metasearch engine that combines the results of several top search engines.

  2. Intute — A searchable database of trusted sites, reviewed and monitored by subject specialists.

  3. INFOMIME — A virtual library of Internet resources relevant to university students and faculty. Built by librarians from the University of California, California State University, the University of Detoit-Mercy, and Wake Forest University.

  4. Librarians' Internet Index — A search engine listing sites deemed trustworthy by actual human librarians, not just a Googlebot.

  5. Internet Archive — A database of tens of thousands of movies, live music, audio, texts, and home of the Wayback Machine that allows you to find old versions of web pages, over 55 billion.

  6. direct search — A list of hundreds of specialty databases and search engines. No longer maintained, but still perhaps the most complete list of the deep web.


Hundreds of other museums all over the world have their own databases. This is just a list of the databases for a few of the most popular. Within these databases are descriptions of the work, its location, and an image of the work.

  1. Musιe du Louvre — One of the oldest and most famous art galleries in the world. Contains Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Alexandros de Antioch's Venus de Milo.

  2. Guggenheim Museum — A collection of over 160 classical and new artists, searchable by artist name, title, date, movement, medium, concept, and museum.

  3. Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery — A searchable database of more than 80,000 portrait records.

  4. The Art Institute of Chicago — A searchable database of one of the premier fine art institutes in the United States, containing Vincent Van Gogh's Self-Portrait and Grant Wood's American Gothic.

  5. The National Gallery of Art — A searchable catalog of all of the museum's 110,000 objects, with images of more than 6,000 available online.

Books Online

There are tens of thousands of classic books with full text available online for free. Some authors whose books are available in full text online include Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

  1. The Online Books Page — A searchable database of more than 25,000 English works with full text available for free online.

  2. Bibliomania — A searchable database of free online literature from more than 2,000 classic texts.

  3. Project Gutenberg — A searchable online catalog of more than 19,000 free books with full text available online.

  4. The National Academies Press — A searchable directory of 3,000 free books online and 900 for-sale PDFs.

  5. ebrary — A searchable database of more than 20,000 full-text books.


The most accurate quantitative business knowledge often comes from specialty search engines and business directories/databases.

  1. Explorit Now! — A portal allowing searchable access to numerous business journala and databases.

  2. AAAAgencySearch.com — A searchable database of advertising agencies from the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

  3. Agency ComPile — A searchable database of advertising and other marketing agencies.

  4. Kompass — A business to business search engine.

  5. GPO Access Economic Indicators — A portal to economic indicators from January 1998 to present.

  6. CBDNet — A searchable database of materials published by the US Department of Commerce.

  7. Hoover's — A searchable database of businesses.

  8. ThomasNet — An industrial product search directory.

  9. SBA Loan Data — A database of loan program approval activity from the Small Business Administration.

  10. GuideStar.org — A searchable database of non-profit organizations.


For consumers, authoritative product reviews and pricing information often times are hidden in the deep web or among subscription-based reports.

  1. US Consumer Products Safety Commission Recalled Products — A database of recalled products, sortable by company name.

  2. Melissa Data — A directory of complete demographic data, sortable by ZIP code.

  3. Kelley Blue Book — A guide to pricing new and used vehicles.

  4. Edmunds — Another guide to pricing new and used vehicles.

  5. Consumer Reports $ — A guide to consumer product reviews, including cars, appliances, electronics, computers, personal finance, travel, and more.

Economic and Job Data

A wealth of information regarding microeconomic and macroeconomic data is available from government sources and other organizations.

  1. EUROPA Press Release Database — A searchable database of press releases distributed by the European Union.

  2. FreeLunch.com — A searchable directory of free economic data.

  3. Bureau of Labor Statistics — A directory of job-based and consumer economic data from the US Department of Labor.

  4. Salary Wizard Calculator — A tool that shows national average salaries adjusted by location for different jobs.

  5. Economagic — A free economic data directory containing over 200,000 data files.

  6. Penn World Tables — A database of purchasing power parity and national income data for 179 countries for the years 1950-2000.

  7. America's Job Bank — A searchable database of jobs and resumes.

  8. USAJOBS — A searchable database of federal government jobs.

  9. Regional Economic Conditions (RECON) — A database of economic data available by state, county, and MSA.

Finance and Investing

A variety of web-based investment analysis tools and financial statistics can only be found in the deep web.

  1. Bankrate.com — A directory of interest rates for different types of loans, mortgages, and savings accounts.

  2. InvestIQ — A database of market data from different world regions.

  3. BigCharts — A searchable database of quotes and performance charts for different stocks and mutual funds.

  4. SmartMoney.com Tools — A portal of different stock analysis tools.

  5. NASDAQ Trader — A database of trading data from the NASDAQ stock exchange.

  6. SEC Info — A searchable database of EDGAR SEC filings searchable by name, industry, business, SIC code, area code, topic, CIK, accession number, file number, date, ZIP code, and more.

  7. EDGAR Online — A database of EDGAR SEC filings searchable by ticker or company name.

General Research

These are good places to start researching for background knowledge on any topic. The subscription-based databases will help intensify any research by scouring numerous scholarly journals.

  1. GPO's Catalog of US Government Publications — A searchable database of federal publications, with links to those available online.

  2. Smithsonian Institution Libraries — A collection of 20 libraries from the world's largest museum complex.

  3. The National Archives — A list of all of the National Archives' research tools and databases.

  4. HighWire Press — A searchable catalog of the largest repository of free full-text, peer-reviewed content, from over 900 different journals.

  5. Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) — A catalog of more than 1.2 million bibliographic records, providing links to the full text where available. Sponsored by the US Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences.

  6. Encyclopζdia Britannica — The authoritative encyclopedia searchable with full text online.

  7. Topix.net — A news search engine.

  8. Internet Public Library — The Internet's public library. Fully searchable.

  9. San Francisco Public Library - A list of all of the databases offered to SFPL library card holders. Not a California resident? This is just one example of many such local public libraries that offer similar services.

  10. Xrefer $ — A searchable database of 236 titles and over 2.8 million entries.

  11. LexisNexis $ — The world's largest collection of public records, unpublished opinions, forms, legal, news, and business information. Over 35,000 individual sources are searchable with full-text available online.

  12. Forrester Research $ — An independent technology and market research company, publishing in-depth research reports on a variety of subjects.

  13. Factiva $ — A searchable collection of over 10,000 individual sources.

Government Data

The United States government publishes data on a variety of subjects, some of which is derived from census data or CIA findings.

  1. Copyright Records (LOCIS) — A database of copyright records, searchable by documents, serials, and multimedia (including books, music, films, sound recordings, maps, software, photos, and art).

  2. American FactFinder — A repository of aggregate census bureau data searchable by city, county, or ZIP code.

  3. FedStats — A gateway to statistics from over 100 US federal agencies.

  4. United States Patent and Trademark Office — A database of patent full-text and full-page images.

  5. Historical Census Browser — A data bank of historical US census data dating back to 1790 compiled by the University of Virginia.

  6. Geospatial One Stop — A searchable database of geographic data, displayable on maps.

  7. Grants.gov — A database of grant opportunities, searchable by keyword, funding opportunity number, or CFDA number.

  8. Technology Opportunities Program Grants Database — A database of technology grants, searchable by keyword, state, and year.

  9. United States Government Printing Office (GPO) — A search engine for mutliple government databases, including US budgets, campaign reform hearings, code of federal regulations, congressional bills, unified agendas, and more.

  10. CIA Electronic Reading Room — A searchable database of declassified CIA documents.

  11. POW/MIA Databases and Documents — A datbase of POWs and MIAs information.

  12. ZIP+4 Lookup — A database of US ZIP codes and ZIP+4 codes, searchable by city or address.


Data on international economic indicators and demographics are available from US government agencies and international organizations such as World Bank.

  1. International Data Base (IDB) — A computerized data bank of statistical tables and demographic information for 228 countries and areas.

  2. FIRST — A database of military aggression and weapons holdings.

  3. Economics of Tobacco Control — A database of information regarding tobacco usage and policy in over 180 countries.

  4. Country Indicators for Foreign Policy — A directory of statistical tables indicating different countries' foreign policies.

  5. World Bank Data — A database of key development data and statistics for different countries and worldwide groups.

  6. CIA Factbook — A reference material published by the CIA, containing information on every country in the world.

  7. US International Trade Statistics — A database of international trade statistics, searchable by country or type of good.

  8. US Foreign Trade Highlights — A database of information on US international trade in goods and services.

  9. Energy Information Administration International Energy Data and Analysis — A data bank of energy balances sorted by country.

Law and Politics

Information on Congressional law and other legal and political matters are available online from universities, independent organizations, and the US federal government.

  1. THOMAS (Library of Congress) — A searchable database of legislative information from the Library of Congress.

  2. Law Library of Congress — The largest collection of legal materials in the world, containing over 2 million volumes.

  3. Global Legal Information Network — A searchable public database of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other legal sources.

  4. FindLaw — A free legal database with searchable collections of cases and codes, legal news, and an online career center.

  5. Office of Postsecondary Education Security Statistics — A searchable database of college campus crime statistics, sortable by institution type, instructional program, or campus.

  6. Bureau of Justice Statistics — A directory of legal and judicial statistics, ranging from crime to law enforcement to courts and sentencing.

  7. The Avalon Project at Yale Law School — A searchable database of documents in law, history, and diplomacy.

  8. US Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774–1873 (Library of Congress) — A directory of historical Congressional records, bills, statutes, journals, and debates from LOC's American Memory.

  9. Lobbying Database — A searchable database of firms who have spent lobbying money from 1998.

  10. Legislative Activities — A directory of the House of Representatives' bill summary, status, and text, public laws, and roll call votes.

  11. Project Vote Smart — A database of government officials and election candidates, searchable by last name or ZIP code.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress (LOC) is the largest library in the world and offers catalog descriptions and some full text and images of many of its 130 million items.

  1. Library of Congress — A searchable catalog of the world's largest library, containing over 130 million items.

  2. Library of Congress Digital Collections — A searchable database of the LOC's items that have been digitized and fully available online.

  3. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Reading Room — A searchable catalog of the Library of Congress' prints and photographs. Results include thumbnails of the items.

  4. Library of Congress Online Catalog — The LOC catalog, searchable by title, author, subject, keyword, call number, ISBN, and more.

  5. American Memory — The LOC's digital record of American history.

  6. Sound Online Inventory and Catalog (SONIC) — A portion of the LOC's audio collection, searchable by name, title, subject, and keyword.

Medical and Health

Scholarly medical journals as well as government agencies and independent organizations offer a variety of statistical data and other information regarding medicine and health.

  1. Department of Health National Research Register — A searchable database of records of ongoing or completed project funded by or of interest to the UK's NHS.

  2. National Institute of Health — A searchable encyclopedia of health topics.

  3. American Hospital Directory — A free searchable directory of US hospital information.

  4. Globalhealthfacts.org — A data bank of world health information, sortable by country, disease, condition, program, or demographic.

  5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Data and Statistics — A data bank of statistical health information compiled by the CDC.

  6. New England Journal of Medicine $ — A scholarly medical journal with full text of current and past issues available online.


Science journals and databases are searchable through specialty search engines, while real-time geological data is available from the USGS.

  1. ScienceResearch.com — A portal allowing searchable access to numerous scientific journals and databases.

  2. Science.gov — A searchable gateway to authoritative science information provided by US government agencies.

  3. WebCASPAR — A database of science and engineering statistical data resources.

  4. The Complete Work of Charles Darwin — All of Charles Darwin's published texts, fully searchable and available online.

  5. USGS Real-Time Water Data — A map of the United States showing real-time streamflow and water quality data of the nation's rivers and reservoirs.

  6. USGS Earthquake Hazards Program — Maps of California, Nevada, the United States, and the World, showing real-time earthquake data.

  7. Ask.com Recent Earthquake Activity — An interactive map of the world, showing real-time earthquake data.

  8. IEEE Publications $ — A database of over 1.4 million documents from the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers.


Real-time aviation data as well as historical and current transportation safety information is available from different US federal government agencies.

  1. FAA Flight Delay Information — A map of the United States with flight delay information from the nation's largest airports.

  2. NTSB Accident Database and Synopses — The National Transportation Safety Board's database of aviation accidents, ranging from 1962 to present.

  3. NTSB Aviation Accident Statistics — A directory of aggregate aviation accident statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board

  4. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — A database of car and car part defects, searchable by item number or car make and model.

  5. SaferCar.gov — A database of crash test safety ratings for all automobiles since 1990.

  6. fboweb.com — A real-time flight tracking service, with support for Google Earth.

  7. FlightAware — Another free flight tracking service, complete with history, graphs, and maps.

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